Thursday, November 30, 2006


I don’t often have contests, but friends of mine who worked on an anthology for are getting together with me to run a contest for “Resolutions.” What’s the book about? You got it! Four hot stories about friends who made their resolutions come true! My story, FREE FALL, is based on the time I went skydiving. Yes, I jumped out of a plane at 10,000 feet with nothing but a man and a parachute strapped to my back. It’s called tandem skydiving (and bad girl that I am, it was terribly erotic, too). Unfortunately, the week before I did it, a couple died when their chute didn’t open. But I’m alive to tell the tale and you can read all about it in “Resolutions,” along with great stories by Leigh Wyndfield, Dee S. Knight and Vanessa Hart. To hear how you can enter for the chance to win a gorgeous tote bag filled with autographed books and other fun stuff, go to my web page,

Also, I’m signing copies of my latest Berkley HEAT, OPEN INVITATION, tonight, 7:30 pm. at the Santa Clara Borders Express in Valley Fair Mall. That’s at the junction of the 880 and 280 freeways. With me will be Josie Brown, Jami Alden and Karin Tabke. Hope you all drop on by!

BTW, I just finished reading all three new books by these ladies, and let me tell you, they’re HOT!!!! Great reads, one and all.

And you might have guessed my question for all of you this morning. What’s your New Years Resolution?

Jasmine Haynes

Thursday, November 16, 2006

what I love about the writing life

Lots of things! Like when I'm taking a walk and a brilliant line comes to me and I repeat it to myself over and over until I get home so I can write it down, oops, better do that now while I still remember...okay, wrote it down and I'm back! What else do I love? Ooh, that first moment when a new concept comes, a brilliant concept. Or when your character suddenly comes to life. There's always a trigger for me. Some characteristic or event in their past that suddenly makes them real. I love sitting with my Alphasmart on my lap and just typing away, in the flow, then downloading and realizing I have a whopping ten pages. And they're actually good pages, too! I love my writing friends. I love the flexibility (as in I'm taking off in 10 minutes to have my nails done and I don't have to tell the boss!). I love holding a new book in my hands. I love getting that first page onto a blank screen. I love typing The End. I love all the finagling of my characters that beginning and the ending. I guess I just love being in someone else's skin for a while, too. And you know, that's exactly what I love about reading, too. Going to far off places or just feeling an unexpected feeling.

What does everyone else love about writing and reading? Really, why DO we do it?

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Now that I’ve moved to Pismo Beach I’m trying to squeeze my “stuff” into a house half the size of the Sebastopol home I sold. I have to throw or give “stuff” away. I gleefully tossed a lot of my “working” clothes and love spending the day in jeans and shorts. How many pots, pans and appliances does one really need?

I plan to toss out more "stuff" but I’m having a real problem getting rid of books.

My husband doesn’t understand why I keep books I've read. He doesn’t like watching a movie a second time either. If I had a walk-in closet I’d have a mini library. Space is at a premium in my small house and I have books tucked under my bed, in the truck of my car and in a bulging suitcase in the backyard shed.

Am I totally weird or do any of you have the same problem?

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

And the release train rolls on...

I am a writer in the business of writing, and writing is a business.

So what do I mean by this? I mean that just about every day I have to deal with being a professional writer in one way or another. Unlike most jobs there aren't really any days off. You are working most of the time.

I've kind of lost track of how many books I've written or contracts I've signed. The earlier part of this year I had three books go from ebooks into print. Then in August Rogues was released in ebook, in September Ellora's Cavemen Dreams Of The Oasis III came out in ebook and print, October was the print release of the White Hot Holiday collections, November 8th Tasting Nightwalker Wine was released from Cerridwen. Ellora's Cavemen Legendary Tails I was just released in Spanish. Next month I have a Wild Winter quickie on December 22, in January Memories Revised will be released.

I just finished edits on A Promise Made, a new novella for New Concepts Publishing. And then there are the works in progress... another collaboration with Liddy Midnight called Outlaws, and a new Hollywood After Dark tale, this time for Ellora's Cave.

So either the time is spent writing, editing, promoting, in other words something to do with the business. If nothing else there is reading what other people write to keep up with what the market is putting out.

Of course that latter is mostly an excuse...and my favorite part of this business.
Hey, read any good books lately?


Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sgt. Pepper and All That

For the first time in ages, I’ve just listened to the CD of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Even though they're not in the same order as on the original album (yikes, an actual record to be played on a turntable), the songs struck me with as great an impact as the first time I heard them in the late sixties. So what if “When I’m Sixty-Four” is coming back to bite Paul McCartney in the butt? So what if I I could weep looking at the pictures of the young John and George -- and Paul and Ringo. The songs are as fresh and energetic -– I have to sing along and get up and move -– as they were then. Maybe more.

The other “album” that hits me in the gut the way much of the Beatles does is Simon & Garfunkel’s Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme. I’ll never forget the first time I heard their rendition of “Silent Night”. A friend who’d bought the record gathered a group of us and told us to shut up and listen. We did.

A flood of memories, 20-20 hindsight, and all that. Surely it all was as I remember it, right?

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I've Got a Cover For SEX LOUNGE!

I feel as if I'm spamming the Internet but ... I'm so excited, as I FINALLY received the cover for my May 2007 book, Sex Lounge. With each thing I receive -- copy edits, cover flats -- my book feels more and more ... real! Since the lead time from contract to publication feels so long ... is it just me or do other authors worry that their editor is going to call one day and say, Gee, we made a mistake. We don't want to buy your book after all ? LOL

At any rate, here's the back cover blurb:

Manager of a San Francisco talent agency, Nichole Simms is poised, professional, and cool - but her private notebook reveals a much more daring woman who loves explicit, uninhibited sexual fantasies. Her dream lover is a secret. Until he finds her notebook …

Famous chaise designer Derek Mitchell can't believe his eyes when he stumbles upon Nichole's secret book - in which he stars. Derek is hot to explore each sinful scene and every red-hot obsession with this demure, quiet beauty … and fulfill her every desire.

And here are the quotes they used:

"A sexy page-turner. You'll love it!" --Lori Foster

"Rachelle Chase is the Goddess of Erotic Romance. The hot, steamy, and unforgettable romance sizzles in this page-turning novel." --Mary B. Morrison"

An amazing erotic imagination...the reader is simultaneously swept up in Chase's writing, drawn into the drama of her characters, and kept in a state of sexual arousal...takes you on a ride that is exciting and enlightening." --Dr. Michael Bader, author of Arousal: The Secret Logic of Sexual Fantasies

I am just too thrilled!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Writers and their health

Okay, very boring subject today, but mucho on my mind. I sold my first book 3 years ago. I quit my day job two and a half years ago. Writing and being a published author has always been my dream. I worked toward it for over 20 years, getting financially secure, making the contact, hmm, and actually writing the books, too. So here I am!!! And what happens? My body starts to fall apart on me. I have a hard time typing on the computer all day and I lay awake in pain at night. For a while, I hurt so badly that I couldn’t even hold a book to read. Thank God THAT’S gotten better. I’m doing physical therapy now. I’ve got what’s called “multiple crush.” In other words, I’ve been staring at my computer screen day in and day out on a chair that wasn’t ergonomic using a laptop where I couldn’t get the screen and the keyboard in the right place, hence, I jutted my head forward to see it and ended up screwing up the nerves going down my arms. Okay, took a while to get myself into this place, and it will take awhile to get myself back out, but I do have a point, I swear it!

Writers have a sedentary job. I don’t even go to meetings or rush down the hall to the copy machine or printer or over to MIS or Customer Service, or maybe out to the factory floor to count some inventory. No, I sit in front of the computer until my butt ACHES! I wonder how many of us do that. I’m pretty sure those of us with new babies don’t! But what about the rest when we’re on deadline? Now that I’ve reached my goal, made my dream come true, I don’t want to lose it all to a broken-down body. So here are some of the things I’m doing to keep myself in good writing shape.

First, I go for my daily speed walk. I think I do about 3 ½ miles. I have a timer on my computer now to remind me to get up every half hour, if for nothing else than to walk about my office and stretch a bit. I bought an external keyboard for my laptop so that I can have my eyes and my arms in the right place! I do a series of exercise to help my posture. I take my vitamins to help keep osteoporosis and arthritis at bay. And don’t forget the fish oil, which is good for lots of things. I practice breathing from my belly instead of my chest (you know, that’s really hard to do!). And I get a monthly deep tissue massage. Hmm, that’s actually a bonus.

I’d love to hear what all of you do to keep yourselves in tip-top shape. I might just have to incorporate it into my routine!

Jasmine Haynes

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