Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I've Got a Cover For SEX LOUNGE!

I feel as if I'm spamming the Internet but ... I'm so excited, as I FINALLY received the cover for my May 2007 book, Sex Lounge. With each thing I receive -- copy edits, cover flats -- my book feels more and more ... real! Since the lead time from contract to publication feels so long ... is it just me or do other authors worry that their editor is going to call one day and say, Gee, we made a mistake. We don't want to buy your book after all ? LOL

At any rate, here's the back cover blurb:

Manager of a San Francisco talent agency, Nichole Simms is poised, professional, and cool - but her private notebook reveals a much more daring woman who loves explicit, uninhibited sexual fantasies. Her dream lover is a secret. Until he finds her notebook …

Famous chaise designer Derek Mitchell can't believe his eyes when he stumbles upon Nichole's secret book - in which he stars. Derek is hot to explore each sinful scene and every red-hot obsession with this demure, quiet beauty … and fulfill her every desire.

And here are the quotes they used:

"A sexy page-turner. You'll love it!" --Lori Foster

"Rachelle Chase is the Goddess of Erotic Romance. The hot, steamy, and unforgettable romance sizzles in this page-turning novel." --Mary B. Morrison"

An amazing erotic imagination...the reader is simultaneously swept up in Chase's writing, drawn into the drama of her characters, and kept in a state of sexual arousal...takes you on a ride that is exciting and enlightening." --Dr. Michael Bader, author of Arousal: The Secret Logic of Sexual Fantasies

I am just too thrilled!

awesome quotes, Rachelle. May will be here before you know it!
good luck!!
Thanks so much, Karin. Yes, now that I look at everything I must do for promo, May is TOO soon. LOL
Fantastic quotes!!! Great cover. Congrays/
;-) Bella
very nice cover
Fantastic cover and wonderful quotes, Rachelle! I'm so excited for you!

I do have to say I wonder the same thing. When are they going to call and tell me it was all a big mistake and it wasn't really MY book that they bought. So sorry and can we have the money back (but I've already spent it!)

But it's real, so enjoy every moment!
Yeah, I was pretty pleased with the quotes, too, everyone. Thanks!

Glad you like the cover, Kim!

It's comforting to know you share the same insecurity, Skully. :-) I'm learning to enjoy it cuz a girl can only worry for so long! LOL
Whoo hoo love it, love it!!!
Thanks, Rae. :-)
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