Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Wie Gehts!


Ja, I’m sprechen German at you. Why? Because I’m in Germany this week.

Why? Well, that’s a long story involving the day job and the need to learn things best learned from those who have the most experience. One impact of working for an international company is that occasionally you have to go international to do your job.

Fortunately I rather like to travel as anyone familiar with http://26tickets.miramontes.com/ can testify to. Hey, at least I have enough time to do laundry on this trip.

Mmmm, clean socks tomorrow…

Traveling from a writer’s perspective is a little different. Your schedule is thrown off so even doing random things like working on a blog entry can become a challenge. Making progress on a WIP can be difficult because you don’t have the notes you left in your office at home.

Besides you used all your energy up just driving to and from work, coping with strange traffic signs, unfamiliar roads, and communicating with the waitress in German to order dinner.

On the other hand when you are staying alone in a hotel room, there can be nothing better to do than write. Last year I wrote most of Pleasure Maid, my Ellora’s Caveman story in Dreams Of The Oasis III, during a similar three week trip to Germany. This year I just finished up edits on my Christmas quickie, Perfect Hero.

I’ve got another week here and long evenings to work on stuff. Who knows what I’ll accomplish?

In the meantime auf wiedersehen!

I'm very jealous, Janet! I got to do a business trip to Germany a couple of years ago. They even let me take my husband along! He keeps talking about going back. He's Norwegian and funnily enough, there are enough similarities in the language that he could understand the Germans, plus he did take the language in high school. So he spoke for us (isn't that just like a man!). We were in Dresden and it was interesting to see the evidence of the Russian occupation of East Germany right next to the history of the town. I swear, they still had rubble that hadn't been cleared away after the bombing of Dresden in World War II. Enjoy the trip!
Thinking of you on the those long, cold nights with nothing to do -- except write, edit, revise, read. No distractions, right? So what's a little jet lag?

I'll miss you this Sat. when you're not at our Silicon Valley meeting, but I expect to read great things you've written when you come back.
Heyyyy. *Raising my stein to you.* Enjoy.
That is true. They have a very healthy attitude when it comes to drink here. The standard serving is about 1.5 times the servings here so I'm rarely tempted to drink two servings.

The wine is pretty good but the beer is beyond excellent.

Happy Octoberfest!
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