Monday, October 23, 2006

Meeting old friends

I write a tightly connected series with characters who appear and reappear throughout the ongoing storyline. This week I started a new book, Wolf Tales V, which is actually the ninth story in the Wolf Tales saga. The heroine is new but the hero has been around for a couple books. I realized, when I wrote his opening scene, that I felt like I was saying hello to an old friend. Bay hasn't had his own story yet. He's been an important yet peripheral character in the lives of other characters, but he's always been fun to write. Now, however, he's the star and I actually feel excited about finally giving him a romance of his very own.

For those of you who write series, do you connect with your characters as if they are real living, breathing people? I do. Baylor Quinn is at least as real to me as many of my friends in cyber-space, and almost as real as the ones I see every day in "real" space. I know his background, I've met his sisters and I sympathize with all of them for the dysfunctional upbringing they had. Most of all, I really like Bay. He's the kind of man I'd want to know--intelligent, warm-hearted and loving, yet with a streak of vulnerability, a sense of need about him that gives him an even greater appeal. I get to take all these bits and pieces of the man I've essentially created out of whole cloth and turn him loose. I've only written one scene with him so far. I can't wait to see what he's going to do next.

Totally, Kate. I love revisign old friends in connected books. In my hot cop series all the boys come around again.
Isn't it wonderful, Kate, when you finally get to write that character's story. It's as if all along they've been calling to you, and now, finally, it's their time. So glad you're enjoying writing him, too.
I love going back and reading my old stuff. You're right, it's like saying hello to an old friend!
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