Thursday, November 16, 2006

what I love about the writing life

Lots of things! Like when I'm taking a walk and a brilliant line comes to me and I repeat it to myself over and over until I get home so I can write it down, oops, better do that now while I still remember...okay, wrote it down and I'm back! What else do I love? Ooh, that first moment when a new concept comes, a brilliant concept. Or when your character suddenly comes to life. There's always a trigger for me. Some characteristic or event in their past that suddenly makes them real. I love sitting with my Alphasmart on my lap and just typing away, in the flow, then downloading and realizing I have a whopping ten pages. And they're actually good pages, too! I love my writing friends. I love the flexibility (as in I'm taking off in 10 minutes to have my nails done and I don't have to tell the boss!). I love holding a new book in my hands. I love getting that first page onto a blank screen. I love typing The End. I love all the finagling of my characters that beginning and the ending. I guess I just love being in someone else's skin for a while, too. And you know, that's exactly what I love about reading, too. Going to far off places or just feeling an unexpected feeling.

What does everyone else love about writing and reading? Really, why DO we do it?

I think you've nailed the high points, but I also love the fact I can be doing something else, like driving or showering or painting the office (which I'm doing today)and I'm totally entertained with my characters in my head as they work through their convoluted lives. And yep, it's a nuisance to have to stop and write it down so I don't forget, but I love the whole process...especially the fact I do it in my jammie bottoms and old tee shirt!
Great summary of all the high points of writing, Skully! I also love that feeling I have when something "unexpected" comes out of my psyche, when I re-read something I wrote and think, "Wow. I wrote THAT?"

Kate, I agree that that's a wonderful way to spend/use those "wasted" moments. :-)
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